Matu Security offers both singular and complete security solutions. The security solutions are conceived in cooperation with you and are based on an assessment of the risk and needs of your business. Combined with your individual wishes, this results in a security solution that are cost efficient and future proof.

With more than 20 years of experience on the Greenlandic security and safety business market and our cooperation with our strategic partners, we can offer your business the optimal security solution.

Security Solutions

Matu Security offers surveillance and protection of your business in cooperation with Securitas Denmark. Our products and services include mobile patrols, on-site guards for mining sites, shops and events, remote video surveillance, access control, alarms, locks and much more. 

Maritime Safety 

Matu Security have many years of experience in fire safety onboard ships and our services and products for the maritime market in Greenland are very diverse. We have established a partnership with LOTEK Denmark, so we can offer your fleet the most efficient and safe service possible in the rough arctic climate. 

Our full list of services and products for business

Nationwide Operationscenter Anti-theft alarmsVideo surveillance /RVS, CCT and IVS
Thermal surveilanceSecurity smokeSecurity guards
Technical alarms/CTS-surveilanceAutomatic firealarms
Automatic Firesuppression
Trained guards for eventsAED Automatisk External DefibrillatorFire extinguishers
Firefighting equipmentPersonal protective EquipmentSecurity guards when in port
Survival SuitLife jacketsEEBD